Steinar Mathiesen Translator

Fast and cost-efficient translation from English, Swedish, Danish into Norwegian

Do you sell goods or offer your services in Norway?


If you are not entirely fluent in Norwegian, it can give an amateurish impression and make your customers skeptical.

By using a translator who have Norwegian as his native language your Web page, advertisement, or "flyer", will have a greater chance to attract customers.



Whether you need translated a short ad, or you have a user's manual, promotional material, an article, or a book, I can help you.

If you have a text that needs a cleanup, I can help you with it.

I can translate your text at a competitive price, with a good result.

The only requirement is that the content is legal in Norway, and that you have the rights to the material. However, content that is racist or Neo-Nazi propaganda, will not be translated by me. Nor does text that is obviously intended as fraud, such as "letters from Nigeria" and similar.



I will do my best to keep your information confidentilal, however annything sendt over the internett is, in prinsiple, open to all interested parties.

Steinar Mathiesen Translatør Org nr 913 183 959